How to create baby hair for a touch of femininity in a few simple steps

How to create baby hair for a touch of femininity in a few simple steps

Baby hair is small strands of hair on the forehead that add a touch of femininity and softness to any hair look.

If you want to add baby hair to your hairstyle, you can follow the following steps to create it easily.

Wash and dry your hair:

Start by washing and drying your hair. Baby hair needs clean, well-groomed hair to be created.

Select hair strands:

Use a fine comb to select the strands of hair you want to use to create the baby hair. It is best to choose the thinnest strands on the sides of your forehead.

Apply hair jelly:

Take a small amount of hair jelly and apply it to your selected sections of hair. You can also use hair wax or hairspray.

Use a hair brush:

Use a hairbrush to comb your selected sections of hair forward, towards your forehead.

Use a comb for fine hair:

Use a fine comb to create small curls or waves with the strands of hair. Baby hairs are usually created with soft, rounded waves.

Fix the baby hair:

Use a setting spray to fix the baby hair in place. You can also use some extra hair jelly to hold it in place.

Style the rest of your hair:

Style the rest of your hair as usual. You can leave your hair down or tie it up in a ponytail or a bun.

    Baby hair is a timeless hair trend that can be added to any look. With a little hair jelly and a fine comb, you can create soft, feminine baby hair in minutes. So, try this simple trick to add a touch of softness to your hair look.


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