How to put on a wig: Step by step guide for a natural and comfortable look.

How to put on a wig: Step by step guide for a natural and comfortable look.

Wigs are a great option for changing up your look or adding length or texture to your hair.

However, To keep your wig looking natural and to prevent it from falling or slipping, it’s important to know how to put it on correctly.

In this blog, we’ll go over the basic steps to putting on a wig efficiently and comfortably.

Step 1:

Preparing your hair Before putting on your wig, you must prepare your own hair. For this, you need to gather them and tie them into a low ponytail or braids, making sure they lay flat against your scalp. If your hair is long and voluminous, you can also hide it under a wig cap or fabric headband for a more discreet effect.

2nd step:

Adjusting the size of the wig Before putting on your wig, you must ensure that it is the correct size for your head. Most wigs have adjustable straps at the back that allow you to adjust the size accordingly. To do this, you need to loosen the straps, place the wig on your head, and adjust the straps so they are comfortable but not too tight.

Step 3:

Fixing the wig Once you have adjusted the size of the wig, you must fix it on your head to prevent it from slipping or moving. For this, you can use bobby pins to secure the wig to your hair or a special wig adhesive for a firmer hold. Be sure to secure the wig around your head and at the sides so it sits securely.

Step 4:

Styling the wig Once the wig is secured in place, you can style it according to your preferences. You can use a comb or a soft bristled brush to detangle the hair and give it the shape you want. You can also use styling products such as hairspray or mousse to add volume and texture to the wig hair.

Step 5:

Finalizing Your Look Once you’ve styled your wig, you can finalize your look by adding accessories such as hair clips, headbands, or head jewelry. You can also use makeup to accentuate your look and give a finishing touch to your new style.

By following these simple steps, you can put on a wig efficiently and comfortably. Whether you’re looking to change up your look for a special occasion or just want to add some length or texture to your hair, a wig is a great option to help you achieve your goal. Don’t forget to try out different cuts and styles of wigs.


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