Which Hair Dying Trend Should You Try Out?

Which Hair Dying Trend Should You Try Out?

Hair dying has come a long way since it was a scandal to go blonde, and these days finding a new trend means working pretty hard. Lucky for us, hair stylists are going above and beyond to find the next Instagram viral hair trend, whether it’s a gorgeous opal, that stunning oil slick hair, or some amazing DNA braids. We’ve pulled the top trends that will be hitting heads in 2018 and we’re ready to tell you which one you should ask for the next time you see your stylist. We’ve got colorful, we’ve got subtle, we’ve got all kinds of gorgeous hair that will turn heads the next time you walk down the street. Are you ready to find out which beautiful hair dying trend fits your personality to a tee? Just take the quiz and you’ll walk away with the style of your dreams.

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